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Centre Farley owner

Craig Livingston

One of our greatest strengths is our experience with colour matching, allowing us to handle any and all of our customers’ needs. We are also very proud of our ability to quickly, efficiently and accuracy tailor our work to any project.


Our team of experts uses the latest computer technologies to best serve our valued customers. Take advantage of our handy paint chips chart, representing some of the most popular brands, to select your colours. All you have to do is select from the available samples and we will fill your order, guaranteeing your satisfaction!


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Our team

A team of qualified professionals for all your painting needs.

Anne Gunville

Interior Designer

Daniel St-Denis

Seller Advisor

Sébastien Paquette

Delivery / Seller Advisor

Jesse Allan

Seller Advisor

Sylvain Fournier

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Danny Latreille

Seller Advisor